Maine coon kittens in Minsk

  • n black solid
  • n 22 black classic tabby
  • f blacktortie
  • f 25 blacktortie ticked tabby
  • n 25 black ticked tabby
  • fs 22 blacktortie silver tabby blotched
  • ns 25 blacksilver ticked tabby
  • ns 22 blacksilver classic tabby
  • ds 22 redsilver classic tabby
  • Available

Помет E,

newborn maine coon kittens and their parents
  • Maine coon girl color F
  • Maine coon girl color F
  • Maine coon girl color F
  • Maine coon boy color N
  • Maine coon boy color N

All kittens are available

Litter F,

Litter D,

Litter C,

Litter B,

Litter A,

All kittens have found new home

  • StarPaws, Litter A, kittens and мама

  • Available – kitten is free to become your pet
  • Option – someone is interested with the kitten, but decision yet to be made
  • Secured – maine coon is prepaid/ secured and awaiting
  • Sold – the purchase contract has been signed