Barista maine coon she-cat

Graceful and a bit cautious, true representative of the Maine Coon breed: formidable appearance, independence and the gentlest temper! She does not show off, but in a familiar environment, opens up and manifests herself from the other sides.

Barista, MaineCoon female cat, color F
  • NameBarista StarPaws
  • Born on
  • Owner and Breeder Svetlana Ivanitckaia
  • Father RU*Unicum M'Tamerlan
  • Mother Harmony Angel Savage
  • Colour f (blacktortie)
  • Breed MCO (Maine Coon)
  • Title CHAMPION (CН), WCF CHAMPION title is given when Cat receives CAC certificate (93 points according to the standard) in 3 WCF exhibitions from three judges.
  • Kitten of Litter B (stayed home)
  • blacktortie maine coon female cat
  • young blacktortie maine coon female cat on scratcher
  • young maine coon cat on a scratcher
  • maine coon female blacktortie cat on exhibition
  • maine coon cat on exhibition scratching stone
  • maine coon blacktortie cat on scratcher
  • maine coon blacktortie she-cat
  • beautiful blacktortie mainecoon
  • blacktortie maine coon Female kitten side view
  • color f maine coon female kitten
  • two maine coon sister kittens
  • blacktortie maine coon young female
  • maine coon blacktortie kitten in hallway

Barista's parents

Test for HCM - N/N, FeLV, FIP, FIV are negative.

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