Litter C kittens (26.07.2018) are ready to go!

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    Welcome to the cattery of the biggest domesticated cats, Maine Coons!

    We got familiar with these huge kind cats in 2015 and one year later we've registered a cattery. Our goal is to breed major, well balanced and nicely tempered healthy members of this remarkable breed.

    All our cats are members of the family, seasonably and according to the world-wide accepted requirements, undergo necessary examinations, receive vaccinations, expert's consultations and assessments and confirm the pedigree at exhibitions with international experts.

    Here you may find your maine coon kitten. We pick their parents according to their temper, mentality and pedigree traits. They get along with children really well.

    Kittens grow and live in home, among kids, where they learn to interact with people.

    Cats move to their new family not earlier than 3 months old with all required vaccination and Club's pedigree. If you wish we may chip your kitten.

    Every kitten gets used to tray and scratching pole, recieves varied and healthy diet.

    Our cattery is registered in the international association of cat club WCF (World Cat Federation) and listed as «StarPaws», under number 12378-2017. «StarPaws» is located in Minsk, Belarus.